Our Services and Pricing

From consulting and strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

Integrated Desk Phone Systems

We offer Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, and ATA Legacy adaptation to ourclients. Our Hosted PBX systems can integrate multiple locations into one total office system, with remote and hybrid workers able tocommunicate as easily as the next desk over.

Softphone Options

Free your clients from their desks! Our softphone options work through an app that functions on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. A client can have an extension that rings through to both their desk and their softphone app, meaning the business phones extend everywhere!

Virtual Faxing and support for Fax

Virtual faxing has taken off in recent years, allowing for the privacy and security of faxing combined with the convenience of email. No more ink, toner, or the horrible sound of a paper jam, while staying in compliance with protected private information laws.

Business Texting

Business texting is the way of the future. Younger people would often rather text than talk on the phone, and now your clients can connect with them.

Complementary Services

We offer a ton of services completely complimentary to all our clients! These include virtual attendants, voicemail to email, royalty free hold music, call logs, emergency call forwarding, a conference bridge, and our 24/7/365 phone tech support.

Pricing List

Quality of Service Router - Our QoS Router ensures call quality for you by prioritizing voice traffic, also allows for remote tech support and configurations - $25

cNAME - Caller ID services - $2

Office Extension - Extensions connect to employees regardless of where their desk is - $10

Softphone Extension - Inbound and outbound access to the business system through an app on the computer - $10

Voice Phone Number - First one free, others $2.50

Fax Machine Support - In addition to the standard $20 faxing fee, support for the old style fax machines, which is more involved - $20

Virtual Faxing - Faxes originate from and deliver to designated email addresses. Fax number already included with price - $20

Business Texting - Inbound and outbound business texting compliant with all relevant regulations. $10 for each additional number - $35

2500 Minutes - You only pay for what you use. General rule of thumb is 2500 minutes per every five phones - $29.95

Call Recording - Recorded calls available in our system for 90 days, downloadable to the storage of your choice. Legal compliance is assured - $6 per line

ATA Legacy Service - $25 per month per 8 phones

SIP Trunking - Our SIP trunks connect to a your private PBX - $10 per line

Phone Number Porting - One time fee to port an already existing number - $30 one time

New Phone Number - We help you change to a new, good one - $5

Desk Phone Maintenance - We offer a wide variety of phones on monthly maintenance plan. They're completely covered. - Varies

Business Texting Setup - We handle all the paperwork to properly register a business texting campaign - $42

Phones for Sale - Call for pricing

CRM Integration - We offer VoIP integration for many CRMs including Microsoft Teams and anything that can work with Zapier - Call for pricing

Wireless Nets - We can create wireless nets for business areas. Many trucking companies use it - Call for pricing

Warehouse Paging - We offer an entire range of equipment for large paging systems, including building one from the ground up - Call for pricing

Internet Repeater - Need more WiFi coverage? Our high quality 1G Internet repeaters extend a wireless network as far as needed - $5

Additional e911 for multiple locations - Whether the you run multiple offices or a hotel, we can handle it - $2